A dog’s loyalty is one of the most admirable traits a dog can have. They will protect you from any harm, and if you’re feeling down they will gladly cheer you up with their playful demeanor.

Loyalty is something that can be hard to come by in this world, with everyone looking out for themselves and no one else. When people find someone or something that they can be loyal to, they hold on tight because of the rarity the bond. Dogs are some of the best animals to show loyalty to because all they want in return is love and care. They would do anything for their owners with no questions asked – but what makes them so loyal?

Scientists believe it might be how dogs are socialized with humans during their developmental stages. It may also be an innate behavior.

Dogs are pretty cool animals. They’re always up for a hug & they love to give kisses. Be warned though – they’re terrific guards too!

Dogs have been on this planet for a long time now, more than 15,000 years. They were domesticated by humans about 12,000 years ago in West Asia.. Dogs have been the subjects of our most iconic artworks like Lascaux cave paintings or The Great Wall of China, painted at least 2000 years ago with dogs that look just like the ones we know today!